The Art of Ball Stretching

The act of ball stretching or scrotum stretching seems to date back to quite some time as oriental men were taking part in this practice long before it became the more commonplace act that it is today. Ball stretching was believed to improve libido, sperm motility, general well being, better orgasms and overall sexual health. With the advent of the internet more and more men have been exposed to this phenomenon and were able to ask questions and share their experiences. It also allowed people to access tools to engage in ball stretching safely. The men taking part in this practice seem to be both homosexual and heterosexual. Ball stretching is also becoming more widespread with people in America, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK and numerous other places trying to stretch their scrotums. Most of the people already engaged in ball stretching appear to be in their 30s and 40s for the most part, although there are people of all ages that attempt it. More than 70% of ball stretchers are in stable relationships and are from a wide variety of religious backgrounds. Stretching can have a temporary effect or long term if practiced for a long period of time.

So why do guys want to stretch their scrotums? There are a number of reasons that men start out trying to get low hangers as opposed to balls that pull up in to the body for any reason. For some it is just the look of the testicles hanging low below the base of the penis and the swinging feeling apparently can be quite sensual. Lower hanging testes also increase the size of the overall package. Occasionally ball stretching is undertaken due to a tight scrotum and large balls, which feel tight all the time. Another reason is due to medical intervention that has caused tight scrotal skin such as a circumcision, testicular implant or a skin transplant in the area. The increased resistance when wearing a stretcher during orgasm leads to more intense and longer orgasms and even just the stretched scrotum leads to longer orgasms as the ejaculate has to travel further to be expelled. The tightly stretched skin is also a lot more sensitive to touching, caressing, licking and sucking, making these acts more pleasurable for the scrotum stretcher.

There are a number of different stretchers available : Split Collar Ball Stretchers which are made of metal and comes in different weights to increase resistance over time, it can be worn under clothes and can be put on and removed easily, provided you have a hex key. This type of stretcher can pinch skin and if you wear more than one, it can make sounds when you move. The solid ring stretcher is made from silicone and can also be purchased in various weights. This stretcher is easy to slip on but can slip off if you buy the wrong size, it can also make sounds if you wear more than one. The parachute is a fully adjustable leather stretcher which can have weights added and removed as needed. This one cannot be worn under clothing and is generally used for CBT. This type also absorbs seat and lubricants and the leather needs to be cared for correctly. The plain leather stretcher is the more commonly used one, and if you ignore the special leather care and the absorption of fluids, this one is adjustable, lightweight, easy to wear under clothing and available in different lengths, allowing you to slowly stretch to the level you want. You can also get the leather stretcher in a weighted version. Bull bags are another form of scrotum stretcher that cannot be worn under clothing. This one is more comfortable and is adjustable but is larger than most others and does need special care due to being leather. People also use humblers and vacuum pumps to stretch the scrotum but these are more rarely used. The vacuum pump has a purely temporary effect. The humbler is generally used as part of bondage gear and presents the penis and the balls for CBT (cock and ball torture). Some people use saline infusion direct in to the scrotum to temporarily increase the size of the sac, and not necessarily the length.

Ball stretching can be temporary and many guys only use stretchers during coitus but it can become semi-permanent with infrequent wear to permanent if specific steps are taken to ensure the scrotum does not spring back to its original length. Over time is possible to increase the length tremendously with some men achieving a scrotum length of up to a foot, with one man recorded as stretching so far that his balls hung to his knees. While there is pleasure to be gained from scrotum stretching, you still need to research what you are doing and follow basic safety precautions. Rashes are often experienced at the start, bruising, breaks in blood vessels and even long term damage to the testes and spermatozoa if guidelines are not followed. Circulation should not be cut off for long periods of time and any irritation should be dealt with before it becomes a problem. If you want long term results, you should start slow and increase weights or sizes of collars until you reach your desired length. It is important to keep doing the stretching regularly to permanently stretch the scrotum area.