Human Pets - The thrill of Pet Play

Pet play or animal role play does not seem to feature much in history prior to the 1940s besides as part of ritualistic dance. Pet play, animal role play or human pets is a prevalent form of role-play in the BDSM community. Pet role play generally takes the form of a dominant owner or trainer and a submissive pet. Pets that are seen most often are ponies, puppies, pigs and kittens but there have been many instances of other types of human pets such as bunnies, cows and other furry animals.  Pet play is different to 'furies', which is a subculture to itself. It should also not be confused with primal play. Pet play is generally a dynamic between two consenting adults whereby one person takes on the mannerisms and personality traits of an animal. On the whole it reinforces the dominant/submissive relationship or owner/owned relationship between the two players as the person role playing as a pet is completely dependent on the owner while

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