1. The Art of Ball Stretching

    The Art of Ball Stretching

    The act of ball stretching or scrotum stretching seems to date back to quite some time as oriental men were taking part in this practice long before it became the more commonplace act that it is today. Ball stretching was believed to improve libido, sperm motility, general well being, better orgasms and overall sexual health. With the advent of the internet more and more men have been exposed to this phenomenon and were able to ask questions and share their experiences. It also allowed people to access tools to engage in ball stretching safely. The men taking part in this practice seem to be both homosexual and heterosexual. Ball stretching is also becoming more widespread with people in America, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK and numerous other places trying to stretch their scrotums. Most of the people already engaged in ball stretching appear to be in their 30s and 40s for the most part, although there are people of all ages that attempt

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  2. Human Pets - The thrill of Pet Play

    Human Pets - The thrill of Pet Play

    Pet play or animal role play does not seem to feature much in history prior to the 1940s besides as part of ritualistic dance. Pet play, animal role play or human pets is a prevalent form of role-play in the BDSM community. Pet role play generally takes the form of a dominant owner or trainer and a submissive pet. Pets that are seen most often are ponies, puppies, pigs and kittens but there have been many instances of other types of human pets such as bunnies, cows and other furry animals.  Pet play is different to 'furies', which is a subculture to itself. It should also not be confused with primal play. Pet play is generally a dynamic between two consenting adults whereby one person takes on the mannerisms and personality traits of an animal. On the whole it reinforces the dominant/submissive relationship or owner/owned relationship between the two players as the person role playing as a pet is completely dependent on the owner while

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  3. Chastity Devices Then and Now

    Chastity Devices Then and Now

    When people think of chastity belts and devices, the origin of these items seems to be set as being during the so called 'Dark Ages ‘when men went off to war in the Crusades and wanted to keep their women faithful while they were away.  This has no basis in fact though and the first actual depiction of a chastity device as a physical object was in 1405, in an engineering type manual of the time. It is believed that this was a fantasy type drawing showing an object of torture by the artist and that the first real chastity device were the ones designed in 1870 as devices to prevent children from masturbating. It was believed that masturbation created some forms of feeble-mindedness, imbecility and even insanity. The device was patented by Henry Tunnessen in 1909. There was a spate of designs filed in the patent offices from this time until around the early 1930s when medical research had established that masturbation was not a cause

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